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We definitely did and it was a huge blessing to spend the time and money doing a design patent on each shape. When the market of knockoffs came about we had great protection which helped as we sued people for infringement.

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You don't! Some of the biggest products and content to go viral were not planned for. It's all about consistently trying and creating and going through the processes.

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All good. Hope it helps. With the proliferation of knockoffs and everyone thinking they are an expert because they know about Alibaba - protecting your product IP is more important than ever.

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The Princess pack is and never was licensed or infringing on any license. And Marvel was designed specifically to Marvels request.

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Great question! With the worldwide success of Sillybandz it definitely opened more doors for me as other products were being developed. As far as the high school bans- it's hard to quantify if it helped or hurt the craze so I can't really comment if it was a good or bad thing