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Have the big company sign a confidentiality agreement. Then the courts will care.

Incidentally, this is what happens now.

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I lived in NM until 1999 and most of my family is still there. Johnson was a great governor. A lot of people didn't like his stubborn commitment to fiscal responsibility at the time, but most people I know look back on it all and would thank the Governor for keeping the legislature in check and keeping the state budget in the black.

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Which is exactly what happens under the current system.

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I understand that your main source of revenue is referral fees from the search bar at the top right of the page. I like google as my search engine. I'm wondering, if I set my homepage (or go) to google and search from their bar directly, does Mozilla still get the referral fee?

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First, kudos to your lawyers who took on your case knowing they weren't going to make money. That means they really wanted to do the right thing just like you did.

Second, I wonder about one of the legal questions. The government withdrew the letter/request in order to defeat your fourth amendment claim. I'm sure your lawyers responded by saying something like "given what my client does for a living, the nature of these letters, and the fact that he's already gotten one, he's probably going to get one in the future, so why not just settle the 4th amendment question now." Did they say that? And if so, how did the court/government lawyers respond?