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On the subject of sitcoms, TIMES once wrote about Friends, saying:

But the well-hidden secret of this show was that it called itself Friends, and was really about family.

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This is my biggest frustration - I know so many people who busk, but I can never join in the fun because the piano is a horrible instrument to transport

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Wow, this sounds really insane and amazing!

As someone who doesn't do very well with finishing what I start, what keeps you motivated to finish your goal? Do you ever feel tired and wish you were back home?

Also, how do you finance this trip? I've always been curious about people who do things like this. Sponsors?

Anyway, thanks!

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While that is true - you also still gotta find somewhere to plug it! Ah well. Guess pianists/keyboardists aren't meant to busk.

That being said, paris and prague have many public pianos, which is super rad and one reason I love going there.

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So would it be correct to assume that the later on in the season, the 'better' the show will be? And if so, when do you recommend visiting?

I mean, I'm sure the show's good all year 'round, regardless. But are there any peak scary periods?