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Not a doctor but I am a 54 year old woman and no, in my experience that's not true. We are still an everyday couple and so far "use it or lose it" seems more accurate.

I did always run pretty hot though except while nursing babies, which entirely tanked my libido. That did make me fear menopause but I seem to be through it and we are active and happy and at least once a day, it's been awesome not worrying about getting pregnant too.

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When I got Pell Grant to go to college, it covered my tuition. Couldn't have made it without that. But when my kids got it, the amount was about the same even though tuition had gone up so much! Ought it have been indexed to tuition (or vice versa, tuition only allowed to be = Pell Grant for recipients or for everyone)?

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That negativity loop sounds so frustrating. We literally "just do it" (like if either one of us wants it we do - we compromise up not down because more sex is better, and once you start it does feel good, right?) and that built momentum continues but how you get from where you are to there I don't know.

I remember crying because I couldn't feel it during the time I was nursing - like starting way down below zero - but that was complicated by fear and exhaustion. And I remember being so frustrated when with a once every couple of weeks guy. Both sides of that are just terrible to experience.

I sure hope y'all get this sorted. Older people sex is the absolute bomb. We are less hung up and have more time and less distraction now since youngest kids are teens.