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Bill, why did you bring left-leaning politics (gender identity) into your newer science show? There actually wasn't much science to the show at all- more demonstrations of sciency things than explanations.

Panspermia? That's the last episode I watched. That was embarassing.

I'm trying to be positive here, but you definitely lost me. As a public figure, a leader, etc. Not that I don't still like you, just.. did not expect you to make what I interpreted as a public blunder and an affront to actual science.

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Yeah, best of luck to OP, but this isn't a sound byte that evokes an empathic response from me.

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Very good bot

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Damn that's the fastest I became interested and then disinterested in an AMA.

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Thank you-- I'm glad that my ignorance regarding the subject did not prevent a good dialog.

My experience with learning about biblical archaeology is having to study efforts of those who seek to prove the bible's stories as fact by means of showing that these events "could have happened". That makes me upset, but I see that what you are working with is not at all the same. Thank you for clearing this up for me and I apologize for being unnecessarily sharp.

My old German professor once repeated some wise words (I don't know from whom):

The sum of all lies is the truth (paraphrased to the best of my memory).