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I have an experience with that actually. I used to teach Hebrew at a religious school at my synagogue that doubled as a private day school during the week. The day school was nut free, the religious school was not. So one Monday morning a kid goes into anaphylactic shock when school starts. His epi-pen isn’t enough, he has to go to the hospital via ambulance, almost dies. It took a lot of detective work, but they figure out that the kid who used allergy kid’s seat every Sunday had a PB&J sandwich the day before. A molecule or two was left behind after cleaning and when the allergy kid touched the desk Monday morning, BOOM, anaphylaxis.

Our entire synagogue is now nut free 100% of the time.

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It really happens that fast. My son (2 at the time) was swinging on a rope swing. I was maybe ten feet away, sitting on the grass with a neighbor. We both turned around to call one of our dogs back (I don't remember whose it was) and in that nanosecond, my son got the rope twisted around his neck and was HANGING from it. He was too little to realize that his knees were two inches from the ground, and all he had to do was stand up to stop hanging. I don't think I have ever moved faster in my life. He was totally fine. He had some rope burn, but a lollipop and lots of hugs fixed him up.

I still have nightmares about it. My neighbor cut the swing down the next morning.

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I’d be lying if I said our congregants were nut free. 😂

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There was a guy in my city who was recently convicted of assault because he was deliberately infecting women with HIV. Apparently he contracted HIV from an ex-girlfriend, so he blamed women in general and tried to infect as many as he could.

On second thought, this wasn't at all recent, but the case definitely left an impression.

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Edit: I worded this weird. Let me rephrase.

I would be shocked if your doctor had not considered all of the possibilities and then tested for them, including GBS if it made sense based on your symptoms. When my son was in the NICU after his birth they ran through a differential diagnosis that, from what I can tell, encompassed every known disease on Earth. Doctors really do not like to just shrug and say "Who knows what it is? I'm bored, let's stop doing tests."