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I saw the last 4 seconds.

sounds like you did better than he did.

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Hey Brian!

with the subtitle "How Porn Became Bad" are you talking about society's changing attitude towards pornography over centuries, or are you talking about the current state of the industry? just curious.

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so this going to come across as harsh and insensitive, but you said ask you anything so here goes. how many of your friends have died doing this? how long do you expect to live? have you considered the impact that your death would have on your partner?

every time i see a doco or random youtube vid on this stuff i'm amazed and i want to find out more about these people. i go back through the video, find out the peoples' names, then google them. the top result is often an article about how they died during a jump. usually they just don't make it to the landing zone, or don't come home when they said they would. then people go looking, and find a body. or a few bodies.

given the risks involved, and the consequence of fucking up, this seems like a really gnarly hobby to get into. and "pushing the limits" of it seems reckless and selfish.

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fan. fucking. tastic.

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i was reading about two or three guys that died (it happens a bit) and the consensus on their particular accident was that they were flying so low that they were in a "no-pull" scenario, that is to say that they couldn't pull their chutes even if they wanted to because it would have been pointless. they just had to hope they'd make the ridge before they hit the deck (they didn't). my guess is if they had the capability to pull up significantly and save their asses, they'd do it. and there'd be a few less dead wingsuit folks.