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On my tour, it was politely explained that if we wanted to see the statues, we would have to bow. If we didn't feel like bowing, we could stay in the bus.

A little less ominous than 'you will be shot'.

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What tour company did you go with?

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That's the thing that's annoyed me the most after returning from my trip to the DPRK. Everyone I encountered was a genuinely friendly person doing a job (with a fairly-strict set of guidelines) but a job nonetheless. After returning, all I see is OH NO I SPENT FIVE DAYS IN THE TERRIFYING DPRK LOOK AT HOW BRAVE I AM.

I went to a beer festival, a fun fair, the circus, a bunch of rural towns / coop farms that only recently opened to foreigners. It's not /that/ different from rural areas in the ROK.

The guides were very open and willing to discuss much more than I thought they would. All in all, I can't wait to go back. Fascinating country, amazing people, drastically exceeded all my expectations.

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That street is new construction - it's right next to a new science and technology center and the buildings are designed as housing for scientists & (I think) students learning science etc.

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Yeah, that's the impression I got. There are things you're not allowed to do, but all in all they have better things to do than pay tens of thousands of actors to perform for tourists.