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ravenhairedmaid4 karma

The media has been completely taken over by politicized zealots, and a non-stop "us vs. them" rhetoric that plays to hostile emotions is the easiest way to get people to the polls.
This also creates a sort of nation-wide, or even global, middle school-mentality peer pressure. Corporate has shown the viewing public that talking heads who deviate from the party script even a fraction are immediately & publicly punished, and their lives ruined.
Corporate are the school bullies maneuvering to keep the others in line.

Imo, with the universality of social media, this could have given rise to freelance, hard-hitting investigative journalism to expose these zealots, but apparently no one wants to.
Many folks who are perhaps more well-versed in history are pointing out that civil war is a growing threat, since this kind of escalating maelstrom is exactly what paved the way for us last time.


ravenhairedmaid1 karma

What can voters do to improve this situation? Please provide any names, links, contacts, etc. that you think would be useful, and thank you for helping animals :)

ravenhairedmaid-1 karma

What's it like to make a living in a field that's rife with double standards? It seems that justice & equality can never be achieved via double standards because such standards are, by definition, unjust, and thus only facilitate resentment and hostility. That appears to be the math, in any case, so why do so many who claim to work towards justice & equality still employ double standards?