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Hi, interesting film, a bit on the stretched side, but still great. I wanted to ask a few things:

  1. the phone woke up in Romania - did it get sold to someone else?

  2. did you have a chance to see the CCTV of it being stolen? Is it really the same man who took it, or did someone else did that?

  3. Do you think, that such an approach would have worked with a little bit more advanced users/thieves?

  4. How did you lock the system partition from being reflashed/updated? As a tech savvy person, this was the one technical detail that got me going :)

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Oh, I see. Will be waiting for a sequel :) Any estimated release date?

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What is your take on the common approach in Lithuania (and I assume most post soviet countries)?

When I was a kid, among my many educational books was this gem, translated. I don't remember getting it, that's how young I was. And I don't know any kid who didn't see it before they came to school (age 7). While I did learn the sexy side of sex in school and thanks to the internet, and sex ed that came when we were like 11-12 (condoms and that stuff), most of us came to school knowing where babies come from and how genitals work in the same tone as we knew what a nose is for.

All the sex talk and puberty stuff was always giggly and a bit red-faceing to talk about with parents, but it was never about how it works, more how it relates to my life. Could never relate to all the US media having comedy about the "when a man and a woman" joke line. Kids knew what sex was before they knew who Santa was, and that didn't seem weird to anyone.

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Can't comment on the realities of the time, as I'm too young, and not from the US. Even though Apollo (and the earlier space programs in the US) inspire me to no end, the reality is that a lot of it comes from the film makers that make documentaries about it, and the romanticism of the idea of humans on another 'planet'. There is a very good website http://apollo17.org/ which replays the last mission realtime. Try sitting through it all.

Now keep in mind a lot of the footage would be released some time after the mission, not so much was available to the public real-time. Kinda imagine New Horizons - it's inspiring to see the [pictures, but hard to stay "hot" about it. Apollo 11 was hot. Apollo 12 messed up the camera, so noone saw it realtime.. 13 nearly killed people for a shitload of money.. Most would not be able to name anything (places, spacecraft names, astronaut names) from later missions.

And then you get people at the time having actual problems - potholes, school problems related to financing, wars going on, while your government is spending a good chunk of it's budget to cart some people to the moon.

So yeah. It's easy for us to get inspired with it. And as much as it pains to say it - pretty much the only ones that can pay for that are people like us, who are very much for the idea to return to the moon. There are not so many of us with billions of dollars at our disposal :).