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Heard on the radio the other day... "I'm sick and tired of people spreading bad stereotypes about the Irish. Soon as I finish this beer, I'm going to hit somebody."

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Where do you come from?

How old are you?

What job do you do?

What's your salary?

Do you own your own house? If not, how much rent do you pay?

Do you own a car? What kind of car?

(I don't know what the next question is, I usually block their QQ number before they get that far.)

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That's a respectable salary! um... is your company looking for another laowai?

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Your questions are actually already well covered by the FAQ and conversations in /r/TEFL

A quick answer here though... for China, you'll need 2 years of work experience following your degree in order to qualify for a legal work visa. The demand for English teachers exceeds the supply so you can get work here without it but it's not (entirely) legal. If you're away from the big smoke, keep your nose clean and don't go advertising that you're working, you probably won't run into any trouble.

I did the 40 hr course at www.teflonline.com and my school (an above-board major-chain training school) was fine with that.