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> How do you monetize the site?

We don't monetize the site, but we do have a patreon and an elegant edition. Those cover _some_ of our costs. Of course it would be awesome to have money from this but we would reinvest it to grow the movement.

> And who has invested in this?

No one and we don't want it. This is a project from a few hungarian guys, girls and the awesome volunteers who help us translate the booklet. We do this in our free time, because we want more awesome people.

And when I say free time, I really mean free time: I'm currently with my friends and started to answer your questions :) https://imgur.com/yDN3ePj

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Start out with broad strokes :)

Try this: Get a piece of paper, fold it in half, fold it half again and again. You'll have 8 small squares. Give every square an area. What are your 8 most important areas in your life? Family? Work? School? Relaxing? (we did choose the areas for the booklet, you can use those too)

After that, answer this question: where do you see yourself in those areas in five years? And just broad strokes :) "I want a nice car" "I want children". Anything you want. 5 years is a long time and if you know where you want to be in 5 years, it'll be much more easy to plan 2019.

Good luck, I'll DM you in a month if you did the booklet :)

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Well, we don't see what they write down, but from personal experience the bigger issue is that they all want to change everything at the same time. Don't do that, it won't work.

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It will be always free.

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Sure, translators are always welcome :)

Actually we have an internal site which we built for it: https://translate.yearcompass.com/ ( not sure if the facebook login is fixed we've had issues with it a few weeks ago )

Some history if we are here: in the beginning we translated it into english and german, but pretty soon we've had people who wanted to translate it. So those volunteers got an invite to a google spreadsheet, but it was very work intensive from us, after that we built the translation site.