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Anyone with the means to do so fled the violent areas long ago. Look at the as yet ungentrified areas of Philly, Baltimore, Chicago, Milwaukee, Atlanta, or other cities. You will find that the people with the means to leave did so long ago, especially if they had children. They might not flee to another country, but definitely a different neighborhood or city. Now that’s surely not a refugee crisis, but we should remember that widespread violence displaces people at a variety of scales. It doesn’t need to be Syria or Sinaloa to be worth running.

Corruption is a big issue is Mexico. So is finding these people. And if you hit a cartel, they hit back twice as hard. People are terrified of them and for good reason. It’s like a drug pushing ghengis khan took over the country.

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It's true, we have structured the internet in such a way that this type of tracking is intrinsic to its business model. I do wish that we somehow had not, but I fear that structure is permanent

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I think it you show up in a country like CAR, with an unstable political situation, lots of violence, and reporters and just keep your eye out for people that need security, you can offer yourself to them. In a place where there is little political organization, it would probably be difficult to run a tightly controlled operation like a security force, so I imagine that it's sort of a freelance industry. It's an exciting thought.