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I believe it was the same in Tolkien's world. In one of the many Tolkien books I read as a kid I recall some line (possibly in the Silmarillion?) about how it was a myth that there were only male dwarves because female dwarves had deep voices and beards (and rarely traveled).

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OK, so what is going on in Silo 40? Also there appeared to be hints that one or two of the silos figured things out and detached from Silo 1. Thoughts?

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Yea! Juliette gets alias (maybe?)!

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I find most American ciders far too sweet. I used to brew my own (with non-pasteurized cider from Bartlett's Orchard in MA ) and used champagne yeast to get a fully fermented, dry cider. I can't do that anymore. Do you have a recommendation for a pure, dry, crisp cider (no cardamon or weird spices!)?