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Do you think that seeking help from a naturopath negatively affected your prognosis? It seems like you went an awful long time before being diagnosed properly.

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Ok, but this case is still the reason that all the attention is being focused on Ferguson. This case is the flag that's being waved. Michael Brown is the martyr or the poster boy, like it or not.

Now, one might say that attention simply is not paid to racial issues without this kind of a catalyst. The Michael Brown case brought attention to an important issue, regardless of what happened. Given the attention that the case has received, now is the time to take a stand and raise awareness for broader issues.

But is that true? Or is that a good strategy? I can't help feeling that having such a flawed martyr is bad for any cause. The face of the victims of institutional racism, like it or not, is now a 300-lb criminal who assaulted an officer, according to like 5 witnesses. And the resulting "protests" have burned down 12 buildings and looted many more.

Whatever point you feel needs to be made is accompanied by lots of baggage and a losing PR battle. Whip up a frenzy for positive change that's not attached to ignorance of the evidence, a criminal martyr, and looting, and people like me would be more receptive.

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Say you're speeding and you get pulled over by a cop, and he says "do you know why I pulled you over?" What do you think would go better for you: (1) remaining dead silent or indicating your refusal to speak; or (2) politely saying "I'm sorry sir, I don't know."

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Law students tend to be high strung as a general rule. I was judging moot court (which is just where the students argue and pretend to be lawyers) and one of the students began to cry after stumbling over their argument. I can't say I ever saw anything like that in undergrad.

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It's better than not smart people deciding what the law is, at least.