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Terry Gross works for WHYY in Philadelphia. She is not an NPR corespondent.

EDIT: My money is on Scott Simon.

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Hi Spencer! Why don't you make the table roll their own dice on Harmonquest? My players would complain bitterly if I rolled for them, especially if they failed.

Also, thank you for your constant use of the line "You do that." It's quickly become my go-to line when behind the GM screen myself.

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Hi Luc, my husband and I saw Lucy last night and commented that the pacing of the scenes, especially the time between when she enters the hotel the first time until she wakes up and the deed is done (trying hard not to spoil things here) seems really long compared to how quickly things move later in the film.

Can you comment on how you decide to pace a story? Does it chance depending on your intended audience?

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Thank you. We visited this place for their mediocre mini-golf and ice cream back in 2008 on a friend's recommendation. We met Ricky and were curious about her story. Just now we saw your AMA and are so happy to hear that Ricky is in a better home.

Were all the other animals at the facility similarly re-homed?

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Me and my whole house are huge fans of yours. Thank you so much for doing this AMA.

One of things I love most about your reports is how you seem to careful inflect or empathizes things in the transcripts that are important to the case.

Do you notate the justices' inflections with their quotes? Have any of the Justices taken issue with your dramatic transcript readings? Have they told you later that you didn't inflect it right or you emphasized something wrong?