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How did you get that job and how do you keep it? I'm a teacher and think my reading voice would be great but where do you start and how do you keep getting work?

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You've been in places all around the world, based on different countries (uae and Norway). And you identify as Americans.

  1. How did you both begin to collaborate together?
  2. What are your perspectives on the rise in democrats vs Republicans in the USA and what would you suggest to the leaders (potus and the congress and senate) in order to reduce this divide to benefit and make America innovative again?
  3. What was your worst conflict you experienced together and how did you lead it to resolution?

Thanks for All you do!!!

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Once the Federal government legalize Marijuana, how long would it take to get everyone with minor offenses out of jail? Do you think private prisons are one of the reasons the government keeps it illegal?

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Hi! Agriculture teacher here. Elementary school. I'm new to agriculture, not to teaching, but my state has agriculture as its #1 economy.

Two questions. 1. Where do you think it's best to start to get students really interested in learning more about agriculture and the diverse jobs associated with it? 2. What do you wish you could teach your past self in childhood that would be extremely helpful in succeeding in any agriculture field?