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My girlfriend's sister went to school and was friends with Breanna. Something along the lines of she was gonna give her our number so when you were coming to SF you could crash in LA with us of you wanted but forgot too. Then much later she said she(bre) was dating some image guy that went to OU. I put 2 and 2 together and was sad I never got to buy you a beer.

That's my creepy story.

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Do you think it would be possible to send an email out about 20 mins(or when it goes live) when an anime on your queue is coming up?

I know you guys send out something like this, but I think it is for the week and it's often days after the anime I have queued has aired.

I know I could just check the times and do it myself, but an email before or when that actual anime in my queue is up would get me to watch it a lot sooner and be pretty convenient.

Love the amount of anime you guys get too!

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I always do love a happy ending.

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Hey Andrew

I love all your stuff and can't really imagine my teen years, nor my early adult life without your music, so many thanks for that.

Not to make the others feel bad, but if you could pick your 3 most fun bands that you have toured with, who would they be?