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And flabbergasted by your justice system. I am amazed your country has yet to break out in a form of civil war over these things alone.

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No offence intended good sir, but would you are to elaborate on this "creativity" you speak of? From the outside, I don't see much creativity, so to speak. Someone gets fucked, and someone does the fucking. There are variations to this of course, but the premise remains the same, does it not?

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I was a member for some time, and I'm a 26 year old single dude. Asking me that is like asking me if I've ever seen the sky. Like I say above, no offence intended (ultimately I'm super jealous of your job and all that jazz) but to me it was all much the same. Pizza guy, office worker, school girl etc etc isn't all that creative.

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The true sad state of affairs. Not just in your country, but the world.

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Wow dude. Amazing. Super inspirational.

What is the music/song used in the trailer?