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This is honestly why I tend to favor really strict rules regarding parental custody.

You have a lot of cases where parents have a baby, lose custody pretty quickly because of drug/criminal issues, and then the kid bounces in and out of their custody and foster care for the next few years as the parents get and fail multiple chances to get their kid back. Then they finally lose custody of the kid for good or just decide they don't want them, but by that time, the kid is too old to be a good candidate for adoption so instead they just get to spend another 15 years in the foster care system.

Whereas if the kid had been permanently taken away from their parents when they were a few months old, their odds of getting placed with adoptive parents would have been much higher.

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School districts have to pay the College Board just to offer these classes (and then students have to pay a fee to sit for the exam). Some districts, particularly smaller/rural ones, can't afford to or may only offer one or two.

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It's a disorder affecting connective tissue. There's a shitload of connective tissue in your heart.

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I hadn't been to the doctor for 7-8 years probably before this happened.

This is one of those things I don't understand. I say this as a 29 year old man who has nearly always at least done a yearly checkup but doesn't have any chronic medical conditions (that I know of).

I can understand if you don't have insurance, but it bewilders me how every guy my age, including the ones with good jobs/insurance, seems convinced going to the doctor is something you only need to do if you're concerned you might die if you don't go.