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Let us say your visit was aimed at creating awareness about climate related issues, what alternatives you can suggest for the working population and businesses over there in Korba? I am from CG and I acknowledge the part Korba has played in Chhattisgarh's economy and providing solutions to India's energy needs when there were not much options in renewable energy were available for developing country like India. It is still called the power hub of India. I hope you enjoyed your stay in CG

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What is the lifestyle of the people in Korba like?

Korba is a cosmopolitan city as thousands of people from other parts of country moved there to work in power plants. They are typical middle class people of India.

However natives live a simple life, they eat non veg and drink liquor made of local fruit Mahua. They do not indulge in wasting food or unnecessary spending.

Note - I am not the OP, but someone from same province where Korba is located

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His name means Nector btw

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Yeah, my bad

Thanks for pointing out

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Yeah, my bad