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I'm a doctor of a dying breed -- broad-spectrum family medicine with obstetrics including operative delivery, and regularly caring for very high risk pregnancies.

In my world, I'm a first-person witness to our increasingly-aging and increasingly-ill obstetric population, and I see the stark contrast in the continuity of care for women cared for by family medicine before, during, and after their pregnancies vs women who have separate primary care and obstetric providers. Clearly my bias is that the continuity of care in the family medicine scenario is of immense value to our patients and the healthcare system as a whole. However, it is becoming exceedingly uncommon that physicians practice the way I--and the rest of my group--practice.

Do you see any road that could change the forces that are causing this constant erosion (lack of training, medico-legal, turfwars, etc) and start to increase the role of new family medicine physicians in the continuity of reproductive care?