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What's your favorite Frank Zappa story we haven't heard?

EDIT: been a huge fan of you and you're playing since getting into Zappa and seeing you in Crossroads

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Dr. Ham, 2 questions, and I apologize if you've answered them and I missed them,

  1. Where do your score on The Political Compass Test

  2. As a fan of small government whenever it is pragmatic, I agree with almost everything in "The Big List" you linked to. However, as a social liberal, I am curious about whatever opinions you may have on gay rights.

EDIT: in his response to suntfrumose's query about marijuana legalization and gay marriage he answers question 2 (at the time of this edit, currently the 4th question down).

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Maybe that's what she's most proud of? Certainly not a bad thing to be proud about being in a position to significantly contribute to the well being of others.