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Don't worry, we have the original copy of your Declaration of Independence coughtreacherycough that you sent the UK, just in case - which incidentally is locked up in our National Archives.


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I think the sign language is something like this

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M8 u aint neva messd w/ a auster b4 fam innit brev.

Come at me with the strongest cheese you've got, brah!

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Personally, I think this idea is awesome.

I work in medical/scientific marketing and know there is a lot of collaboration going on, which is a good thing, but sometimes I get the impression many scientists are more interested in gaining the kudos for themselves, instead of sharing their thoughts, theories and data.

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  • Why was the 2nd half of the game half-arsed?

The beginning was amazing, but the latter half of the game takes only a few hours tops, to complete.

  • Also, who's idea was it to introduce those "reaction kill" cinematic bosses fights?

My 11 year old daughter killed Hoyt for me! As soon as I saw that it was another one of those "fights", I walked away from my computer.... Seconds later, I hear my daughter calling, "Daddy, I did it!"....

Before anyone asks, no, she was not meant to have done it and got scolded by me for it, as I clearly understand it someone of her age should not be playing/watching games like this...