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randomguy19229 karma

i'm from rogers county in northeast oklahoma, by far one of the most corrupt places to live as far as law enforcement. no joke, stay clear. you have been warned.

edit. here's the story. I was driving home at 1am one night after work, i worked in the city and drove 30 miles to the country and the mentioned county where my parents lived. At this time I still lived with my parents, anyway, I pull off the highway to the dark country road to get to the house, next thing i know a car with no headlights on is behind me, the headlights flip on as well as the reds and blues. so i pulled over. cop 1 comes to my window, asks if i have my id and insurance, i comply and ask why i've been pulled over, they don't tell me anything, obviously they were just bored, i'm just 18 at the time, the cop asks me if i have my title, in oklahoma you are not required to carry your title in your car, he says he thinks my jeep is stolen and I dont have the title to prove it, so he tells me to look in my glove box, i assure him it is not in there. next thing i know a second cop just opens my passenger door and proceeds to open my glove box discovering a small pipe and gram of weed. i had given them no consent to search my car and they had not asked for it. instantly both of them are ecstatic and excited they've just succeeded in screwing some 18 year old out of any promise he had in his life. and they couldnt be more thrilled. then they took me to jail, i tried to fight it in court and my lawyer informed me i might as well just take the deferred sentence because to fight the illegal search and seizure would be pointless because the judge i had no matter how illegal the search the fact of the matter is they still found illegal "drugs" in my car so i was just fucked. moral of the story, small town cops don't give a rats ass about legality and illegalities of what they do as long as they get the results, then they can just cover up anything later, the police report was an outright lie of what happened that night, saying the glove box just magically "fell open" to reveal the illegal drugs and paraphernalia

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could not agree with you more, I only wish you could have been the one to pull me over that night. I feel like you would not have gotten a sick thrill out of ruining a kids life like those guys did, of course while i'm in hand cuffs they are continuing to search through my car and play with all my things like my paintball gun and just dicking around and laughing about it, it was really fucked up. I commend you sir, it takes balls to do what you did, especially where you did.