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NSW Greens Mp David Shoebridge last year renewed calls for a Parliamentary Inquiry into how multinational insurers deal with former NSW police. The injured police's Facebook page, The Forgotten 300 has 44,000 likes and counting.

These officers had insurance policies with First State Super. They had paid premiums their entire career. Now injured, the underwriter, Metlife insurance, a 62 billion dollar American corporation is refusing their claims. The NSW government is powerless to fix the situation which has lasted 5 years and is still ongoing.

How do you feel about American corporations standing over our politicians in this way?

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Ashley Bryant left behind a wife and three young children when he killed himself at a waterfall near Bryon Bay in NSW on 16 December 2013.

Before he died, he called 000.

'I suffer post traumatic stress disorder,' he said.

'I can no longer live with the trauma of it and I want this to go to the coroner.'

His coronial inquest is later this year.

Would you support the coroner calling;

Metlife’s au CEO Deanne Stewart to answer to the fact Metlife had denied his claim of PTSD as “faking it”?

The NSW Police commissioner Andrew Scipione to answer why there is no support for officers with PTSD?

First State Super CEO Michael Dwyer to answer why they passed Ashley Bryant’s claim off to Metlife?