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Hello Mr. Lesser – thank you very much for doing this AMA. I was in the audience at the panel you were on with Jimmy Gentry at the Holocaust Studies Conference at Middle Tennessee State University in 2013. I wanted to thank you for your participation in that panel. Words can’t quite describe how profoundly moving your story is.

My question is how did manage to keep going? The amount of anguish caused by the horrors that you had to endure – from the death march to Buchenwald to the horrible train journey to Dachau – is difficult to grasp. In those dark days how did you find the strength to survive? Did you ever want to give up so the suffering would end?

The fact that you didn’t give up and that you survived these atrocities is powerfully inspirational. But not only that, now you choose to relive these horrific memories in your writing and speeches so that the young generations know what really happened during the Holocaust. How hard is it to keep painful memories at the forefront of your mind as you do this? How do you find the motivation and inspiration to do so?

Thank you again.

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Did you ever wonder what Gizmo would have looked like if he had become a Gremlin?

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Thank you for this thoughtful response. And that you very, very much for everything that you do!

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Please tell us about the scripts you had written for TNG!

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I remember reading that the Shenmue story was written in 16 chapters. Shenmue and Shenmue 2 told us chapters 1-6. So is the planned Shenmue 3 going to tell the remaining TEN chapters? Or are there going to be yet more Shenmue sequels?!