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Should I consider myself flattered or reprimanded?

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Thanks for advertising with us! As a token of our appreciation, and for the benefit of this discussion, I've sprinkled some magic admin dust on your usernames.

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I'm sorry, sir, if you're going to visit reddit, I'm going to have to ask to see some ID.

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I have some questions not for you, but for any lawyers who may be reading:

  • Was it legal to decline to show ID to Moses?
  • Was it legal to decline to show ID to the state policeman?
  • Was it legal for Moses to grab you?

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Edit: I originally asked when Watson was sent each question, but as people in the replies below explain, it was when Alex started reading. So instead, could you address this reply? I'll quote it for convenience:

In the time it takes a human to even know they are hearing something (about .2 seconds) Watson has already read the question and done several million computations. It's got a huge head start.

Do you agree or disagree with that assessment?