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I was recently in a yoga class and the instructor said "protect your neck" and I immediately thought of Wu-Tang and giggled to myself. What do you think about a rap-inspired yoga class?

Would bring a whole new meaning to "flow."

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What's your take on the Black Lives Matter vs. Blue Lives Matter situation?

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If you had to create a couple more seasons for The Wire, what themes/angles would you have included?

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At what point in someone's career is it considered worthwhile to go > 1 page on a resume? In the US, are CVs ever useful outside of academia in your opinion? What should be included on your resume if your work is more visual and lends itself to a portfolio better?

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Your rhetoric about Bernie or Larry unlikely getting the nomination is half-baked. There is a long way to go before making that call. Any frankly, with the amount of energy and momentum Sanders is gaining, I find your statements irresponsible. Also, you're making this comment as if you're not partial to either candidate but clearly you're in support of Larry Lessig since you're posting in his subreddits making the case for him. While I agree their efforts do complement each other, Bernie Sanders has a very good shot at getting the 2016 nomination. And, to say their campaigns exist to attract media attention...what?! The media is still incredibly Hillary Clinton centered. Whenever Larry Lessig or Bernie Sanders do get mentioned by a major media outlet, it's either far too concise, or written with disdain or dismissal. I'd love to see either win, but talking about them like they don't have a chance is cynical and keeps us Americans stuck in this crappy political cycle. It needs to stop. It's only unlikely once we have gotten through the primaries.