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the pandemic in the US will stay rampant for the next foreseeable future. Was just checking if we considered that. but doesn't seem so. no worries.

so she simply makes advertising for the company.

european officials are unbelievably concerned and suggest to keep the borders closed for US in and out flights until at least 2021. So many air carriers consider other hubs in america to use beside the US to reach the carribeans and south america.

i was just surprised from what she was writing, because it contradicts every other information from european and asian officials.

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i checked every airline and route to and from us/europe and south america for autumn/winter and i have not seen these prices. If something was cheaper, it was connected to inhuman terms.

specifically Europe to chile for next spring. there is nothing for under 1000 unless i avoid the US.

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Will the USA stop being the main hub for Travel from/to north america-europe-south america?

The prices for traveling to/from US to any part of the world is incredibly high and unreasonable in comparison to literally any other place of the world.

Will there be any changes to not wait ages in a queue even though one did the digital border control?