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As a fellow Asian American, this reply makes me so happy.

Thank you so much, Mr. Le! I've been a fan since 2006!

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Thanks for your replies! Personally, I really miss yakisoba and chankonabe.

Hope you're having a wonderful day!

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First off, thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions, and also the kind, sacrificial hearts of your parents. Some of my closest friends are MKs and I know that isn't an easy calling.

  1. What's your favorite Japanese dish?

  2. Did your family rely on a sento to bathe or did have personal baths? Has living in Japan given you a much more relaxed view on nudity or did your family already come from a culture where nudity wasn't an issue?

  3. What's one tangible thing about Japan that you miss the most? A food item, an event, the architecture, etc.

  4. If you can popularize one aspect of Japanese life or culture into your current country, what would it be?

  5. What's one thing that the world can learn from the Japanese? What one thing that the Japanese can learn from another culture?

Thank you and God bless!