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Hey now, I wear underboob deodorant to prevent sweat/heat rash and I'm a C-cup.

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Depending on how hot it is, I'll stop in the middle of the day and the lower quarter of my cup area is soaked with sweat. 100% cotton plain jane underwires. And I wouldn't call my breasts all that large--about a handful, and I'm a short lady. Winters I'm okay but once summer rolls around... eugh. I live in Texas, if it makes any difference.

I'll look at the Lunaires and Moving Comforts the next time I have money for clothes available.

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Good luck, man.

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Apologies if you've answered this elsewhere, but do you plan on changing your setup to allow for extra living space once that happens?

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You lucky bastard.

I don't understand why dental insurance doesn't cover these things. They'd rather you suffer and crack your teeth, apparently.