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Scott, It's been a dream of mine from childhood to venture into Space. I'll probably not get the chance to do that as life took me to a different route. I'd just love to say thanks for the things you've put your mind and body through in the hopes of dragging us closer to the stars.

My question is, with private space companies now popping up, such as Space X, Blue Origin, etc. Do you think that they'll leapfrog NASA and other public space programs or does it seem more from your knowledge that it would be more of a level playing field with information sharing?

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4 decades, man. Nothing but net.

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Hi, Tilda.

How's the weather up in the north? It's been lovely down here in the central belt all week.

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The rain is shite.

It's raining now, it's always raining. I'm convinced the sun is a myth. 4 months of rain. It's pish.

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If you could be Tom Cruise's buddy in any movie, what would it be and why is it Turner and Hooch?