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radicalwavebrah3 karma

Thank you for taking the time to do this, much appreciated. As an adult with a career in finance I am looking to diversify my skillset with a goal of earning a position as business analyst or product manager one day. I don't necessarily need to be a 100% competent programmer, but it would be greatly beneficial to understand programming on a more basic level so I understand strategy and the way tech interacts with the business side. Would your book be a good starting point for me? Or would you recommend a different path?

radicalwavebrah2 karma

Thank you for such a well though out and directed reply. The information you replied with is 100% on point with the way that I would be approaching problems. This gives me hope, as someone who gets a little intimidated by the ever evolving tech landscape. Your book sounds like a great starting point, I am definitely going to be checking it out.