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How often do white racists give you flak for doing work like this? You may have noticed the flood of racists here in this thread pontificating about the horrors of black culture and blacks as a threat to western civilization (yeah, people get out of hand).

How often do you experience this when out doing your investigative work? I know the internet brings out the worst, but do you see this when investigating as well?

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Don't waste your time responding to this guy. This is one of his previous posts:

whats it like selling crack?

Do you know your father?

how much fried chicken do you eat daily?

Do black people smell other black people, or are you immune to each others stench

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I can't recall where I read this, but is it true that there is a not so small presence of far-right, nationalistic and possibly neo-nazi groups involved in the protests? Golden Dawn-esque type?

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Corporations create the regulations aaaaand.....

(Libertarian magic)

.... therefore get rid of regulations.

Yes I accept bitcoins.