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How are general internet speeds, availability and costs there?

A great deal of gaming is either online, or involves patches/dlc to be downloaded.

Is there a network infrastructure to deal effectively with the growth of gaming and being online in general?

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My father (British Army) was based out of Banja Luka, or at least worked there. He thought Bosnia was a really nice/interesting place if you looked at it without a war.

I have good memories that he used to visit somewhere nick named by British Army CD/Seedy Alley. It was a slightly run down area where you could get anything pirated. He used to bring home catalogues of games/movies/music, we kids marked what we wanted and 6 months later he would come home with them on CD 😀.

My first holiday when I was 17 was to Croatia and Bosnia. We took a train from a place called Metkovic to Sarajevo. Then traveled onwards to Mostar. I really found it an interesting country.

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As a daily commuter on the underground and FCC overground, I still have absolutely no idea what the pink oyster scanners are for. I understand the concept of tapping in and out... but then there are the renegade pinkies just sitting in the middle of nowhere.

What are they? I've never touched one and seem to still be alive and well...

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Because Syria has mandatory conscription for all male adults of age.

So many are escaping that by going abroad. If they were to migrate internally, chances are the government will stick them on a front line somewhere with an akm.

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The cheapest flights are going via Rome and Madrid, always. Sometimes it's cheaper to stop in Rio and connect than it is to fly direct.

Edit: always check local connection flights via Google Matrix if you're not on a strict time schedule. Last year, to get to Santiago, it was cheaper to connect via Lima. The total route was Munich to Madrid to Lima to Santiago (mix of Iberia and LAN).