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Starbucks is definitely one of the best companies I ever worked for. I had to quit due to illness (couldn't stand or walk) and was invited to come back whenever I felt better regardless without reapplying. Their merchandising and scheduling and behind the scenes tech and stuff is a nightmare and super dated, but they treat you and their community right. I worked for DavidsTea too, which has amazing merchandising and behind the scenes tech and stuff but the pay is shit and you have to follow a script and there's no special perks.

If I had to go be a barista again I'd definitely go back to Starbucks.

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Really interested in this one, is it even possible to join the community later in life?

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The lack of any accessibility legislation in Canada is a huge factor in this. Hopefully now that it's finally starting to be discussed by the government we'll see some changes.

In the future, talk to your organization about getting all terrain wheelchairs like the GRIT Freedom Chair. They're absolutely amazing and freeing for outdoor terrain of all sorts. Mine has totally changed and improved my quality of life.

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Different situation, but after my grandma passed, my mom found a box under her bed full of envelopes with cash, forms and clear directions for all her arrangements. It made things a lot easier for my mom. If you can make the decisions about where you want to go and what you want to happen to you sooner rather than later and have it all written down (make sure you have a copy with a lawyer. You never know what could happen) and signed and possibly notarized so that your word is more solid. My aunt has completely lost all her faculties due to complications from brain cancer. Her original will was just in her house and was stolen. She didn't make any arrangements or a living will before the tumors changed her personality and she ended up making some really bad official decisions that have destroyed her quality of life and accelerated her demise.

I don't have any reason to expect to die or lose control over my mind or body any time soon. But I made a living will when I was 19 after seeing my aunt and great aunt dealing with horrible end of life issues due to not having their affairs in order and definitive.

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Um, disabilities include physical. Someone without a leg or who has partial paralysis or whatever still has a perfectly neurotypical brain.

I'm in a wheelchair but I can still be a real bitch. I've also known people with Downs Syndrome and who are on the Autism spectrum to be catty bitches and talk shit.

I know you didn't intend it, but this comment is incredibly ableist and ignorant.