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Who are you who are so wise in the ways of science?

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Do you ever sell to anyone other than investors?

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Why didn't they put it in your abdomen? That's what they usually do for those surgeries...How long were you missing that part of your skull?

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Thanks for doing this AmA! I used to live in Anchorage as a child and my parents would take me to see the start of the race downtown every year. Now I try to watch it online on the live stream cameras they have posted around the city. I have several questions, how long did it take for you to finish? And also for how many years have you been preparing to enter the race? How did you decide what to name your dogs? Can you provide any better proof? Like perhaps your username under your finisher medal?

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Thanks for indulging. As the bot mentioned, you always gotta be weary of proof. I know some mushers have a theme when it comes to naming their dogs. How did you decide to name yours? I always imagine it would be a struggle to come up with 16 unique dog names.