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What do we know about the comorbidity between BFRBs and ADHD?

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I have BFRBs and I find that fidget toys often help to prevent or replace my skin picking. However, when I'm in public or at school, I don't feel comfortable carrying a fidget toy around with me. Do you have any suggestions?

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I used to be reluctant to classify myself as having excoriation disorder/dermatillomania because I do a little bit of everything and it doesn't fall neatly into one category. I pick at my skin all over my body, but I also tear my cuticles, rip off my nails, occasionally bite my lips or cheeks, and compulsively pluck body hairs in certain regions. I've noticed other related behaviors such as picking off mascara or twisting new piercings when I'm not supposed to. Now, I just identify as having BFRBs. For me personally, it is easier to think about it that way.