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All pieces are tracked (even the ones <1cm), around 18,000 pieces total.

Many times when debris is expected to have a chance at hitting the ISS, the crew go to the Soyuz as a "life boat"

They can also manuveer the station Although the ISS uses to protect itself from minor debris,portions (notably its solar panels) cannot be protected easily. In 1989, the ISS panels were predicted to degrade c. 0.23% in four years, and they were overdesigned by 1%.A maneuver is performed if "there is a greater than one-in-10,000 chance of a debris strike".As of January 2014, there have been sixteen maneuvers in the fifteen years the ISS had been in orbit.

A paint flake a few thousandth of a mm across recently struck a window, doing visible damage

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Wait so your teacher showed you live videos of people jumping from the towers?

1st grades then, my school had a no TV policy on 911

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It varies iirc.

The most common is "Making grandma comfortable"

Taking out tubes and such, generously increasing morphine until everything stops.

For Dr assisted suicide, they typically prescribe you a drug cocktail leading you to a painless overdose. That way people can die in the comfort of their home surrounded by family

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It's a win/lose. If the water is too cold, you can't chug it. But nothing is better than 2am ice water