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No, in fact if a dark haired person wants to put in bright color they have to get their natural color bleached out first. Darker colors hold longer. If you consult with the stylist ahead of time, some dye companies also offer shampoo to help hold the particular color you get. Washing in cold water also helps hold. Maintaining color is just a tricky reality of vibrant hair dye.

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If you watch the Game Grumps episode with Grant Kirkhope, they mention that some of the sound effects (character speech, I believe) were made by cutting up vocal samples and reordering the parts - perhaps this is one of the samples that gets mangled.

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It was hilarious because it was self-aware of being that type of sequel. If it wasn't self aware, it would not have worked nearly as well.

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Imagine a disease spread to every person on globe, EVERYONE, but it was only able to kill one specific person.

Stuxnet wasn't intended to be delivered like this. It was put on a USB drive and given to an employee to plug into the centrifuge network. Later that drive, or another drive infected as part of the attack, made it onto someone's PC and onto the internet.

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If you look at this sideways it looks like a little guy holding his weiner