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I want more specific deleted messages such as [deleted for personal information] [deleted for being spam] [deleted for not being allowed on this sub] [deleted because manually typed reasons 1 2 and 3]

And ideally when removed for personal info, if possible the comment could be reposted as a reply with [redacted] or something.

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What kind of music do you do?

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I've never seen one with more than 5. Anyone have a link?

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I've got cerebral palsy, which limits me to only using my left arm. I've always wanted to get into pc gaming but never could. Any tips?

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I'm so glad to hear that lyrics will be released eventually. They are utterly essential to fully enjoying music because, due to some auditory processing issues, I have a severe problem deciphering words in even normal speech.

Love the album by the way! It's awesome!