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I liked it.

But then I'm Zark Muckerburg.

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Who pays you?

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Empty Nose Syndrome is a terrible and oppressive affliction. It goads many people to suicide. Apparently it's like drowning or suffocating in air - forever. You should not be surprised if the OP is not immediately coherent or clear in their expression. There are plenty of stories of people driven mad by this illness:


“I got emptENS bleedingy nose syndrome in 2011 and I truly died on that operating table. Empty Nose Syndrome is the worst condition to live with on this planet. You get ENS when a sinus surgeon cuts too much turbinate tissue out of your sinuses. The turbinate tissue sends signals to the brain and heart informing the body how much oxygen the body is getting. When your turbinates are damaged or too much is taken out, you truly will want to die. It feels like suffocating or drowning 24/7. Your whole body will go into a nervous system meltdown. It feels like my entire body is melting. My heart is throbbing because I can never catch my breath. When I got it, I didnt sleep for the first 2 months, I sat there shaking in bed, my head spinning, I just keep begging for a quick death.

[…] Many, especially me, wish I had cancer and/or AIDS, at the very least there is a chance of a cure with those conditions. With ENS, there is no sympathy, no cure, and worst of all, no understanding. No one truly knows the horror of this condition. […]" *

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Strangely enough, as a Briton, I have only experienced this in the US.

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Who pays your bills?