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Why the CAHSR decided to detour via Palmdale instead of follow a more straight, shorter alignment between Bakersfield and Los Angeles?

Why the proposed extension to San Diego would not be on a main line extending from Los Angeles, but is instead on another branch, making it impossible to stack the demand for more frequent service?

When only the initial segment along Central Valley open for operation, will through service via other existing right of right be operated to enable connection into other cities?

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But I thought CAHSR will use a shared corridor into San Francisco and thus it will not have dedicated right of way?

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The question on detour via Palmdale is predominantly a question on financial cost of such detour, which involve additional tunnelling over difficult terrain for extended length, rather than concern about demand

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  1. How much does it cost for CR to license a show?

  2. Is CR currently in competition with companies like Daisuki or Funimation, etc.?

3.why anime streaming sites would always tell audience 'sorry your region is not supported' after advertisements are played..