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I'm in my 30s and I would be completely up in arms if they banned e flavors. Honestly I'd probably go back to cigarettes.

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A silly one would be to ban a healthier alternative to smoking while allowing tobacco to stay legal.

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The look on your face when the banjo song comes in is among my favorite reaction shots on TV. Chris is a really great character, thank you for bringing so much energy week after week and year after year.

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Hey Janet! Huge fan!!

First of all, just wanted to say awesome job voicing Korra for the last couple years. It must be exceedingly difficult to portray realistic emotions through a cartoon character, but you and the rest of the cast do great work bringing real feelings to the characters and evoking real feelings from the audience.

Here's my question: To the extent of your knowledge, do you know if books 3 and 4 of LoK are going to continue the story of Book 2, telling a grand overarching epic a la Avatar: The Last Airbender? Or is it going to be another couple of self-contained seasons, like the first two books? I loved the story of Amon and was disappointed to see that it was hardly mentioned in book 2. Similarly, I would be disappointed if the writers abandoned the story of Raava and Vaatu, as well as the story of Jinora and whatever the hell happened with her.

Thanks for your work, and a HUGE thanks to you and everyone else in the crew for continuing my favorite animated series of all time. Korra is certainly a worthy follow up to Aang, I'm so excited to see what she gets up to next season.

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He was written off the show because the actor wanted out. Such a shame, because the writers apparently had big plans for him in the long run.