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Haha no shit! I'm one of the Americans with Champlain College hanging out at Thomas House all the time this semester. Most of us leave the country right after our final exams on either May 3rd or 4th. Is there any way we can throw a shindig/send off to celebrate our time in Europe the night of the 2nd? :)

Edit: Haha, I don't usually like when people do this, but I think it's funny that my first gilded comment is when I was asking for a party. Thanks stranger!

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You listening, /u/seanseaevans? Give the internet what they want.

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Sweet deal. I'll pop in tomorrow before I head to Woolshed for the NCAA championship game.

Edit: Not sure if anyone is still checking this, but Fibber Magee's is staying open until 4 AM to stream the game. EVERYONE COME HANG OUT.

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Honestly, I could live off his scrambled eggs recipe alone.

Edit: This one.

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How do you monetize it?