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Well, you are wrong my friend The UK, France, we have our expensive schools too

BTW can include travel lodging expense and such?

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I guess you should have dumped Facebook ads and such at the same time you dumped finance!

thanks for the comprehensive answer!

I will share one thing about France : it's all about review, Ludochrono and their pals with website and YouTube channels are what people who really love board games listen to, then their friends listen to them, you know what I mean

city stores also have power but are harder to reach I guess

then being top of the year in Germany (spiel des jahres) or France (as d'or) is a boost too, but depending on the year can be hard to reach!

Well always talking/writing too much, glad for you and again best of luck, I think you are already on a great path

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the game looks pretty cool in this smart but "not complex to start with" niche (we love kingdomino here)

I have one question, how much money did you have to throw in to reach this point?

I wish you luck always nice to see some people "get the hell outta there" and discover what life is supposed to be

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What's the next mass extinction we are probably going to face? How soon? Best way to prepare oneself for it?

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Do that!