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Hello Mr. Broihier, I guess I'll go for a paragraph. What is your personal stance on climate change/global warming? How does it affect your thoughts personally? Do you stress about it ever? Not at all? Is it something you'd rather leave to scientists to figure out, or do you think politicians need to be involved? And then as follow up, what would be coolest thing, to you, that you would like to do if or when your elected? Thanks for reading, and if you respond, thanks for that too. Best of luck to you.

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Holy shirtballs you answered. Nice. Thank you, and to follow up in that topic then, how do you feel the specific issues in the petroleum and oil industry need to be addressed? Specifically on the issue of fracking? Does policy really need to come to play? Or could it evolve to be something more of a gentleman's pact, unspoken or unwritten but enforced?