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What is wrong with a mind wandering? If this is the natural inclination of our minds, why should we fight against it with mindfulness practice?

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I do have some of those things, I was just genuinely curious about the state of a wandering mind vs mindfulness. I was wondering about why we seem to be wired in a way that is detrimental to us, and we need to learn a skill to steer us back in a helpful direction.

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Interesting comment about your internal narrator. Mine is my own voice, repeating and replaying conversations and telling myself I should have said or done something differently in a loop.

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Thanks for your reply, that's a good reminder to differentiate myself from my internal dialogue.

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Your comment about gold reminds me, when I was a kid I used to go ten-pin bowling every week. When I would bowl, I had a mantra and a ritual that I would go through and it would usually help me bowl better. If I just thought about whatever I usually bowled like trash.