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What percentage of positions you screen for accept self-taught candidates, and what percent of positions where the job descriptions states a requirement of a degree (w/o stating "or equivalent experience") would in fact consider an un-credentialed autodidact?

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At my current employer, the positions we have open do not require customer facing skills. I have interviewed a half dozen people and reviewed a dozen resumes in the last few months for positions requiring expert level SQL knowledge. If the job needs a certain level of technical capability, that's the first criteria that must be satisfied. Coming close is good enough if ability to learn is seen to be high. Then team fit comes next- basic social skills, professionalism, attention to detail, ability to keep up with complex topics, a certain level of empathy, openness, and humor. And my god man, learn git!

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I initially REALLY liked #2 but you bring up good points. My feeling is that during the interview is the only time you've got them pinned down to ask such a thing. You'll not get good feedback after they've rejected you.

Is it that dangerous a question?

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The OP is spot on. There are very valid use cases for recursive (self-referencing) foreign keys.

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WAY off base